Tuesday, August 21, 2007


There is so much that we can learn from nature. How much do we actually know about the things that surround us everyday? Taking a break off work sure is rewarding, even though I don't have too much of work, I always appreciate all the breaks I could get off work. We become so attached to getting rich quick than to take prize in the wealth that is already around us. Work with a purpose. Don't be like a robot, where the work becomes a purpose. One day, the sky won't be as blue anymore, the star not as bright, the air not as fresh. We have already lost so much, only to realize it when all is gone. Do we really need to lose more?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Company Trip

I am going to a company trip tomorrow to a fishing village at the sourthern tip of my country. From the pictures I can find from the Internet on the place I am about to go, I feel that it's better not to put in too much of expectation. Good things don't come cheap, so with the budget given by the company, it's not really something to be complained about. It's paid by the company, for food and stay, so the less I expect, the more happy I am. Hopefully I get good food as promised. I wish everyone a great weekend, and I will see you next week.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


One powerful term, used to describe a reaction where a certain object vibrates when there is an external force applied periodically, whose frequency is equal or very close to the natural undamped frequency of that object. I am not referring to the term used in physics though.

How many people can create a resonance in others through words? Delivering a message strong enough to create a violent reaction? A simple speech that can spark the gunfires of war. A lengthy negotiation to control peace among others. Sweet talks that sway the hearts of maidens. Lies that deceives the weak minded. Words alone can change the world, be it those that are chosen wisely, or blurted out of a sudden. When use properly, given the right time and the right place, under the right circumstances, words are one of the worse (or most powerful) weapons that you can use to set events into motion.

Be very careful if you understand the significance of words. Humans are an unpredictable bunch. Choose them with finesse, and you feel its power.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just when you think it's over...

So many things in the world, so many feelings, bonds, obligations. It's never easy to sever the ties to the materials of this world. Clinging to reality, or what seems to be reality. Everything we see, we develop a certain connection to it. We adapt slowly, but we find it hard to break off the connection once we get comfortable with it.

You think you have finally sever the connection, the truth deliberately ignored by the conscious mind, a few strands of the connection remains in the sub-conscious, waiting for the right events to trigger emotions, and the void that was once there opens up, accepting all sorts of thoughts, throwing the mind into utter chaos, insanity follows, logic and reasoning falters, and the fragile piece of humanity is consumed by madness.

Ties to the past lingers to the present, more ties forming the longer we linger in the world, unwilling to disappear, unable to break apart, keeping us conscious to the world, and unconscious to the self. Awareness is both a gift and a curse. Ignorance and indulgence are the extreme ends to it, moderation is key...

Moderation is the key, the key to salvation. Will there ever be a true salvation? Life and death is a never-ending cycle, Death is a part of Life, Life is a part of Death. In search of Death, we are shadowed by Life. In search of Life, we are shadowed by Death. The cycle that never ends. The world doesn't need any change. We are defined by the world around us, and the world is defined by the very same people. Change is what we do to the world, change is what the world has done to us.

Have a good day. Savor it while it lasts, tomorrow will never be the same, yet, history repeats......

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


When was the last time you did something stupid? I am not speaking about mistakes and all that, just something stupid, like purposely rolling yourself down the hill, or taste a 9 volt battery with your tongue. Everyone had their urge for doing something incomprehensible from time to time, it just takes a lot more action and a lot less brainpower to do it. I remember those times, most when I was a kid, as well as when I was a teenager. The feeling gotten from wanting to do it, while I was doing it and after I was done with it are still kept at heart. I used to remember how freedom tastes like, until I was introduced to the world of papers and pieces of metallic shiny objects. I remember being a lamer, and enjoying the feeling of being one. Guess I will now go back to reality, and keep the memories for laugh.

Monday, August 13, 2007


After 9 days of silence, I am back to this blog. Got myself a new job, and have been working for a full week now. Having to drive to work now, the monthly expenses have risen. Being able to sleep a little while longer, I have to pay more for transportation instead. Well, meeting new colleagues is exciting, but I miss my old ones. Having to feel the sensation of driving, I trade off the time I can take to take naps while waiting in the train. Striking a balance, as always, life seems to be. Now my way of talking seems to suffer from Yoda syndrome, it seems......

Friday, August 3, 2007

Blank stare


Yep, that's the look I'm going to give you for the weekend. Guess it's just a minor case of writer's block, or maybe it's just that I am too lazy to think something up. Have a good weekend.